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Our online services give members of the public and real estate experts access to copies of Land Registry documents.

You are not required to own the property to look for property deeds.

Title Register

The Title Register document contains the complete ownership information for a property or plot of land.

The title registry document may include:

  • Title number
  • Owner
  • Tenure (freehold or leasehold)
  • Purchase price/value
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Title Plan

The Title Plan document, which is used by both professionals and non-professionals, is another document that proves the full extent of the property.

The title plan document may include:

  • Extent of property owned
  • General Boundaries
  • Title Number
  • Orientation & scale
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Map Search

Get a Title Register or Title Plan as soon as possible for any land or property without an address, including fields, tracks, barns, roadways, and land parcels using our sophisticated map search service.

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Deed Search

Our Deed Search will supply you with a copy of all available Conveyancing/Transfer Deeds for a specific property.

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Property Ownership

These two documents serve as proof of a property's ownership (or lack thereof). They are crammed with details about ownership, tenure, price at which they were purchased, mortgages, the date of purchase, easements, and covenants. They provide all the details required to establish ownership when read collectively.

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HM Land Registry’s Property Alert

Property Alert is a monitoring service provided by HM Land Registry for anyone who believes a registered property is at danger of fraud or who just wants to be notified when activity occurs on a specific property.

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Our devoted team is here to assist you with any questions you may have if you require assistance or are having trouble locating the appropriate documents.

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The general public and professional experts can access copies of Land Registry documents through our online services.

The primary source of property and land information is found in land registry documents, which also provide information on ownership (including the name and address of registered owners), mortgages, charges, boundaries, covenants, easements, maintenance obligations, home prices, and much more.

You can easily & rapidly receive copies of documents online and in 3 easy steps by using our online service.

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